Sunday, July 27, 2014

Read From Cover to Cover in 90 Days


Learn How to Listen To the Bible In Any Language Week # 1 of 12 (Genesis 1 - Leviticus 8)

"READ OR LISTEN TO THE BIBLE FROM COVER TO COVER IN 90 DAYS OR LESS: Learn How to Listen to the Bible in Any Language & How to Use Easier to Understand Versions to Publish Your Books" 

The time has come to dust off those old high school papers, old college essays, masters’ thesis, research documents, letters you’ve written, your articles, and those books you’ve started writing so you can get ready to publish them. 

Learn How to Listen to or Read the Bible from Cover to Cover: 

Even If You Don’t Own a Bible 
Even If You Can’t Understand the King James Version 
Even If You Are Nearsighted & Struggle With Reading 
Even If You Speak a Foreign Language 
Search By using Keywords (love, Jesus, stewardship, etc.) 
For Publishing Your own Books or Ebooks 
For Starting a Bible Study Class or Devotionals 
For creating a Biblical Membership, Website and/or Blog 
For Learning How to Use Biblical Research Tools 
For Ministering to Lost Loved Ones 
For Publishing in Foreign Languages 
For Marketing & Advertising 
For Seminars & Workshops 

The possibilities are endless, so I decided to write a series of ebooks/books that would also be used as a tool to help people all over the globe to read the Bible from cover to cover. This is an easy read that will help others instead of hinder them. Not to mention those of us who want to write and publish based on Biblical foundations which would help spread the Word. 

This is exactly what you need to help you do so. 

It’s perfect for: 

• Authors 
• Students 
• Teachers 
• Unsaved Family & Friends 
• Clergy 
• Researchers 
• Writers 
• Editors 
• Publishers 
• Saints as well as Backsliders 
• Archeologists 
• Radio Personalities 
• Fundraisers/Socialites 
• Business Owners 
• Song Writers 
• Screenwriters 
• Play Writers 
• Producers 
• Webmasters/Bloggers 
• Anyone 

God's Word is truly fascinating. Read from cover to cover and see for yourself. 

Here’s what’s in store: 
A quick look at what we’ll be covering over the next 12 weeks… 

Week #1: How to Setup Your Bible to Read or Listen in 90 Days or Less 
Week #2: Quick Start Theme #1 – Money Saving Tips & Fundraising 
Week #3: Quick Start Theme #2 – Using the Bible Dictionary 
Week #4: Quick Start Theme #3 – Using Blue Letter Bible 
Week #5: Quick Start Theme #4 – Using Social Media Pt. 1 
Week #6: Theme #5 – Using Social Media Pt. 2 
Week #7: Theme #6 – Using Forums 
Week #8: Theme #7 – Using Commentaries 
Week #9: Theme #8 – Using CD’s, DVD’s & Search Engines to Create 
Week #10: Theme #9 – Using Digital Devices (including Kindle®) 
Week #11: Theme #10 – Using Help Ministries & Spreading the Word 
Week #12: Quick Finish – Final Lesson with Bonuses to Get You Published 
May the One and Only True and Living God continue to bless you as you read His Word :) enjoy and feel free to pass on the Good News of the Gospel!