Monday, July 16, 2018

Coming Soon -- Happy Parents Day!

Mother didn't approve of some of the teen aged friends you kept company with?  Mines didn't either. The solution was to pray that the Lord would bless me with some new Christian friends. When the One and Only True and Living decided to answer my mothers’ prayers, I never imagined how different it would be to share true Christian camaradery. 

It's peaceful, generous trustworthy and most importantly, a spiritual experience. Prior to meeting my BFF Sister-in-Christ, I never imagined what it would be like to have a friend that never stabbed me in the back. Today, I can't help thinking about how God has used her in my life. She's taught me patience, peace and generosity. Proving time and time again that it's much better to give than receive. 

She's encouraged me to provide foster care and possibly help keep a brother and sister together. Which means, I'll probably lean on her more than ever before, but I'm blessed beyond measure to know that she'll be there to help me raise the children in the way, which they should go.

What I find ironic today is how easily it is to compare pertinent dates with birthdays. According to my social media experience, I've got two birthdays I need to recognize today.
Ms. Deb is my Christian BFF's mother
Today is also Gilbert's wedding day. We grew up together.

Last but not least I want to thank who's ever idea it was to get married on Gilbert's birthday. Dude get's double whammy for taking care of his family all year long. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sloan!

In the meantime, I have both families on my permanent prayer list. So is Maryann Rodriguez for the loss of her father. My heart goes out to Vera and Kevin for their loss. 

In the midst of our loss I want to thank God for my parents and I want to thank all those whom are raising their children as single parents. 

So the plan was to launch at least a landing page today in honor of my parents, but it looks like this day is just about gone.

Mr. & Mrs. MyParents

Wow! It's already 12:01 AM. A new day. It's Monday so enjoy the rest of your week!

Thanks for your prayers. Smooches! Love you all!


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Sunday, May 27, 2018


This Tribute to a Woman of Great Price started Mother’s Day 2018.
There were several goals in mind; however, circumstances beyond
my control presented themselves. Since I’m plugged into
the power of prayer, I’ll fret not. Sure the enemy may have
slowed me down, but God’s word says, be anxious for nothing.
Initially, I rushed to get the job done, but I’m glad I simmered
down and took another look at the video editing, the blog post,
the images, the duration, the fun. Oh, the fun! I had fun
making this video. You mean to tell me, I actually get to tell a
story? Well, yeah! By all means, give me a sec. What can I say?
I’m from the, “City of Brotherly Love” we do cheesesteaks,
soft pretzels, water ice, and we absolutely, positively, “Love the Arts”:
Where I come from, we do Gelati’s, we do fresh baked soft pretzels,
seafood, and to some degree we even consider sports to be an art form.
Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

We won the Championship and the trophy is definitely a work of art.
So are the rings, the blings and things. Underdogs No More!

That’s right we are the 2018 World Champs! Our Eagles soar above
the competition. For sure, we do things differently, here in Philadelphia.
The best location in this city though, is the Lord’s House. Sometimes when
I’m in fellowship, I feel like dancing in the isles. I try to keep my cool,
but sometimes I cry tears of joy. I can’t help it.

Bet there are a lot of women out there who know what I’m talking about.

Christian Stronghold has helped me make it through some really
tough times. I’m single now, but when my marriage fell apart
(felt like boxing on some folk), not to mention what it was like sitting
in the pew without either of my parents.

Speaking of which, my mother, Sister Ella, Aunt Donie, all gone too soon.
We had a few scares with Sister Pat too, but these women who support
Great Men of God make ohhhhhhhhhhh -- so many sacrifices for others.

They share their families and open up their homes. Feed the homeless
and the bereaved. Clothe the poor. Provide drink to the thirsty.
All while they keep their husbands happy. Behind every good man is
a good woman! Please believe it! Please Believe It! PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!!

Thought about including my mother in this video. I’m sure she would
prefer I encourage the women whom are still serving and  living for
the Lord.

I remember listening to this song with her after we found out she was terminal.
Didn’t particularly appreciate it when I found out I would have to live the duration
of my life without her. Just wish I could tell her how she was right about so
many things!

Her response on the other hand, when we found out about her terminal
illness, was not typical. I cried and held her. I wondered why He (God)
couldn’t take someone else instead of my mother. I even mentioned  
one specific person and my mother said,
“What does He want with ____such-n-such___ ? She is not ready to
go be with the Lord.” My reply, “WELL I DON'T WANNA LET YOU GO!”
Her response, “You are the one who has to stay here.
I am going to be with the Lord and I will see you when you get there.”
Who can argue with that?
It took three almost four days to edit the “Tribute to A Woman of Great Price” video.
When I consider editing a tribute to my mother...  well, let’s just say there will be
plenty of tears and tissues. Maybe someday, but I’m not looking
forward to all of that crying.
I still miss her soooooooooo. She was the rock that held many generations together.
Although life is different without her, with God’s grace I will persevere. All is well.
I just have to take a moment to Praise and thank the Lord for my Mother.
Then there was Aunt Donie, her beautiful given name was Sedonia, but she was
our Great Aunt. This woman’s career was blessed with decades of service in the
medical industry. She worked diligently at the hospital ; however, she was at her
finest, while she worked faithfully dressed in her uniform serving as an usher
at Christian Stronghold. These are committed and driven for the Lord, truly,
Women of Great Price.
Aunt Donie never missed a birthday, holiday, Ice Capades, Drill Shows.
Her road trips and gifts were so thoughtful. Always the coolest! She had
two sons we spent lots of time with. They were more like big brothers to me.
My cousins Aaron & Alex. Their impact on my life is coming to fruition.
Aaron is the artist who majored in journalism and photography, but he
had an eye that could draw an exact replica, right there where you stand.

Although Aaron taught me how to sketch and play Roxanne on the
guitar, I want him to check out my new back to school outfit. Way Cool, huh?  
God willing, I shall floss it on my first day back to class, with all the feminine
accessories and dainty trimmings.

Alex, Aaron’s brother, on the other hand is the mathematician who majored
in Financing. Alex and his wife, Maxine, who is also a Woman of Great Price,
wound up serving the Lord in the real estate industry. It’s obvious why I
mentioned Aunt Donie, but I miss my cousins (Aaron, Alex and Maxine).
I want to thank all of them for having my back and teaching me the
importance of education. Aunt Donie and her family helped mold
me into a business tech savvy woman with lots of creative perks to share.
Because of Aunt Donie and her families influence, when I go back to
college this time, I’m taking all the fun classes:
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Digital Video Production
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Art History
  • Dance
I spoke to Alex most recently. He helped me get a new revelation.
It went something like this… “Buffy, you are not going to go to hell if you
don’t do what they want you to do.” Wow! I needed that.

Sometimes as Christian women we go above and beyond the call of duty.
We trust our Savior. Our enemies try to manipulate our walk with the Lord,
and abuse our kindness. The One & Only True & Living
won’t let them touch our heal however.
I’m writing to encourage every woman who is generous, poised and
classy enough to speak up for the destitute, manage her household,
raise her children, and keep her husband happy as he sheppard’s a
huge flock, with thousands of members.

Like I said,


I know, I wasn’t always easy to sheppard. Turned it up, a bit much
in my early twenties. One day my mother came home from Bible Study
and she said to me, “Sister Ella said you can come stay with her and
Reverend Bluford for a while. Take some time and think about it and
get back to me.”

Sister Ella was sweet as pie. Sister Ella was such a lovely down to
earth blessing and chilling at their palace would’ve been sheer royalty
treatment. I know she loved me dearly and I would've been welcomed.
What I didn’t like was the fact that my mother would tell all my business
to her prayer partners in Bible Study.

Back then I didn’t particularly appreciate my mother putting me on blast like that...

BUT! I’m all grown up now and I’m so grateful they prayed for me!
I’m so glad my mother, Sister Pat, Sister Ella, and the
“Women of Great Price”  prayed for me. The prayers of the
righteous availeth much! I got stuff to do...

My plans are to launch my new website, adopt shortly after remodeling
my house, travel, help Patty Girl get her house back, and go back to
college. I want for NOTHING. Praise the Lord! I’M BLESSED!

So I've been blessed to know four Women of Great Price:
  1. My Mother
  2. Aunt Donie
  3. Sister Ella
All of which were under the tutelage of Sister Pat’s ministries.
She’s doing a real bang up job of holding her mansion down with
throne attitude, while helping the less fortunate enter God’s rest.
Your commitment and faithfulness...

In the infamous words of my Great Grandmother,
“Bless your heart!”

That’s what the kids call, “Real rap.” Sister Pat.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Then we’ve got Sister Renee, and the
wives of many other Pastor’s serving the Lord.
Thanks ladies!

Pastor Bell taught an awesome Bible Study series
on Parables. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you would
undoubtedly notice the way God talks.
It’s extraordinary!

Any person that says,

Has my full undivided attention!

I mean when you listen to some of the things God says in His Word,
you just know, He has to be who He said He is.

That’s awesome! He can tell the story of life in any language, backwards.
Now that’s saying something!

Patti Girl used to live on  Westminster Avenue. Not sure why she lost
her estate, but, I can help her find a home. We help others in
Philadelphia. Women of Great Price, that’s what we do!

Thanks Sister Pat. A tribute to encourage and bless...
Got my birthday card via snail mail from Pastor yesterday. I love yall!
Hugs, smooches, be encouraged and may God Continue
to bless you and your ministries…


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Plugged Into The Power of Prayer

The devil tried to put a black eye on the gang, but prayer is powerful. First it was the flu.
Then my asthma started acting up, so I had a hard time breathing. Saw a commercial
where you wake up doing a dance to try to shake off the numbness, not to
mention... Sleep Apnea.
To make matters worse, I finally started feeling better and in the process of getting
ready for Sunday morning worship service, I was a little overzealous while applying
my makeup and I wound up with makeup in my eye. After trying to use a
cotton swab to remove it, I notice a small red dot on my eyeball.
Did I mention that I heard a smoke alarm going off since about 7 AM Sunday morning?
It was 11 something and I could still hear the alarm while I was getting ready for worship.
Walked out the front door, on my way to church and my neighbor mentioned that the
smoke alarm was coming from a vacant property. I figured oh well, we'll just have to
wait for the battery to die down and it will stop beeping. So I went on to church.
While I’m sitting in service, I get a phone call asking me why the fire department
is at my house. Get home only to find the police and license and inspection
at my front door.
You know, when I left Sunday morning, I already knew what the problem was. It was
simply the battery, but the devil couldn’t let me go say hello to Sister Pat after
worship service. That would be too much like right! Moreover, by the time I
got home from church, that little red spot in my eye was spiraling a hemorrhage
out of control.

The next day I woke up to a migraine and my eye was sore, swollen and bloodshot red.
I could see the bleeding moving into my iris. I remember getting pink eye from sharing
eyeliner with my high school BFF (Mary), so we know what that's like, but this
was blood hemorrhaging on the inside of my eyeball. I saw the blood
hemorrhaging toward my iris. Naturally, I Googled it.

Turns out, you can lose your sight if the bleeding persists into the iris.
So I posted a prayer request on Facebook and rode my bike to the hospital.
Upon arrival, I observed the overcrowded waiting room, and asked the nurse how long
she thought my wait would be. Although, I braided my hair, brought a snack, a book
and some water, I wasn’t fixing to sit in the hospital waiting room for three or four hours.
Before noticing the problem, I was in the process of putting the finishing touches on
my last blog post and editing my new video,
“Tribute to A Women of Great Price.”
After the nurse mentioned my wait time I said, “I’ll be back.”
Prayed throughout the duration of my ride home and I felt better. I asked the Lord
to allow the exercise of riding my bike to be enough medication. It worked. I’m feeling
much better. Praise the Lord! Had a chance to check that Facebook post:

I’ll be adding each and every one of you to my permanent prayer list.
Thanks for being prayer warriors,
because like I said before…
Something about brokenness that makes you realize just how blessed you truly are!
Brought to mind a parable we studied in class a few weeks ago,
“Parable of the Rich Fool” Luke 12:13-21.
The thing is, I walk by Patty Girl far too frequently. It’s time to do something about it and
get back to what I was doing before I was rudely interrupted by the hater that roams
about seeking whom he may devour.

The enemy has lost his ability to think rationally. You know, you have to be crazy,
anytime you go to God and ask Him if you can:
I'm glad the answer was (a Resounding, Thunderous, Clap Back):

“NO! NO! NO!”

Thanks for your prayers. Smooches! Love you all!


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