Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Cyber ghetto you may ask, "What is a cyber ghetto?"
Sometimes it's caused by using several different devices
to access your account(s), but it's when you can't find your
websites or social media activity online. Neither can your potential
customers/clients (if they can't access your product/service or
contact information, what's the use?).

Suddenly you find yourself lost out there in cyberspace somewhere...
and certain search engines, give you a hard time about it.
If you can't figure out how to get out, then you have to
find someone else to do so.

Sort of like what it's like in real life. We start zig-zagging
onto that wide path (instead of staying on the strait and
narrow) and before we know it, somehow we're lost.
You just wake up one day and realize you haven't made
many spiritual investments for the Lord and you've been
playing hooky from your church home for a long time.

I'll be the first to tell you that going back to worship can
be tough (backsliding is apparent and folks may wonder
where you’ve been), although I was in and out of church
as well, I wasn't fully committed to Him. You know how we do?
We cut up and ask for forgiveness and then cut again
and ask for forgiveness again. Although we know He can strike
us down at any moment, but in all honesty, I kept asking
the Lord to heal me gently because I knew I was wrong.

Yet He was loving enough to just keep slapping me on
the wrist and slapping me on the wrist and slapping
me on the wrist...


In all of our rebellion we walk through the shadow of
the valley of death absolutely clueless. By the time we
realize we've managed to wander off the strait and
narrow path, it could very well possibly be too late.
Tomorrow isn't promised to ANYONE!

The only thing God promises will never die is His word.
The Bible is a living breathing document and just like
your business plan, you have to revisit it from time to
time to make changes. It took me a while to figure out
how to get out of that cyber ghetto, but while doing so,
I've had plenty of time to think -- absorb all of this
and take it into consideration.

In the event you should ever find that you're not
doing what God called you to do, instead you're heading
in the opposite direction and one day you wake up
wondering, "How did I get here?" I want you to
memorize this scripture. Write it on a 3x5 card
and read it frequently, while you carry it around
with you during the day:

Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you
hope and a future.

With that being said (it's time to make some changes),
I've done some personal/business planning and so far,
the endgame has always been to become my own
banker and travel the world helping others read the
Bible from cover-to-cover within 90 days. That's always
been part of the plan. I trust the Lord knows what He’s doing.

HOWEVER, the changes are to start traveling as
soon as possible. My first stop will be to North Carolina  
in December when I cheerfully encourage my BFF and
Sister-In-Christ as she walks across that stage to
accept her nursing degree. WHOOOP WHOOP,
GO SHAWNIE!!! (Missing you and Breezy).

The second stop is to visit my cousin's Alex and
Maxine (his wife) in Florida. He doesn't know it yet,
but my existing RE mentor passed away, so they're
going to help fill the void. Both are in the real estate
industry among other things, but while I'm there, I'll
set up a retirement timeshare in Florida so that I
can be closer to family members whom I have more
in common. Alex has always been my favorite cousin.
His wife Max is his better half. The best part is,
they are serving the Lord in miraculous ways.

In the meantime I'll have to figure out what to do with
my estate, but that blog post will be called:

"Airbnb vs. Renting to Foreign Exchange Students"

and it will be posted on

As for the cost, there's more research to be done before
I can plug in any numbers to revise the first year financial
projections. Simply because traveling and home ownership
may be expensive, but so is living in cyberspace.
Here's what I mean...

I not only have to get estimates on a few more existing
repairs to housing and land, I'll also have to get price
quotes on the cost of smarting properties out before
relocating (smart fridge, smart tablets, smart stove,
smart thermostat, smart surveillance, internet access, etc.)
Deck it out and rent it out, but how much is that going to
cost and can I get it done before December?
I'll write another blog post as I make progress.

That blog post will be called:
"Price Quotes and Financial Projections"

and it will be posted on:

Moreover, just as I had to clean house, I have to clean
cyberspace, get price quotes to move free blogs and
websites to paid platforms, then there's the marketing
budget to stir up traffic, banner ads, computer graphics,
editing, and all, but as I make progress I will keep you
updated and well informed on how you can do so as well.
That blog post will be called,

"Moving Your Cyberspace"
and will be posted here:

Once I crunch the numbers, I'll have to figure out how
to come up with the capital to do so (cash/credit).
Please pray the Lord will continue to have traveling
mercies on me. Making deliveries for Caviar is a sweet gig,
but my bike is a dangerous contraption. I figure between
that and coming up with 5-10 clients for
procontentstrategist.com will put me on the map.
Right where God wants me to be.

As for being grateful, I want to praise the
One and Only True and Living God! Like I said,
the entire time the Lord kept blessing me and
slapping me on the wrist, as he kept snatching,
and snatching, and snatching negative influences out of my life.
Therefore, I was able to have most of the basic
systems and repairs done with a grant through BSRP
(new electrical wiring throughout, plumbing, roofing, etc.).
I'll write a blog post about that, but I wanted to interview
some of the PHDC staff before doing so I can point you in the right
direction and to make sure I have all of the facts straight.

That post will go here:

In the meantime we shouldn’t hesitate to admit
our shortcomings. The Lord may be bringing you to a
place of repentance for this very reason, so feel freed up
to go back to worship and recommit. Dust yourself off and
try again because He can also use the experience to bring
the next backslider back home like the prodigal son.
Take it from me it really is rather exhilarating!

Thanks for dropping by and until
next time... God bless!

Time to hop on my bike and get some exercise...

Monday, July 16, 2018

Coming Soon -- Happy Parents Day!

Mother didn't approve of some of the teen aged friends you kept company with?  Mines didn't either. The solution was to pray that the Lord would bless me with some new Christian friends. When the One and Only True and Living decided to answer my mothers’ prayers, I never imagined how different it would be to share true Christian camaradery. 

It's peaceful, generous trustworthy and most importantly, a spiritual experience. Prior to meeting my BFF Sister-in-Christ, I never imagined what it would be like to have a friend that never stabbed me in the back. Today, I can't help thinking about how God has used her in my life. She's taught me patience, peace and generosity. Proving time and time again that it's much better to give than receive. 

She's encouraged me to provide foster care and possibly help keep a brother and sister together. Which means, I'll probably lean on her more than ever before, but I'm blessed beyond measure to know that she'll be there to help me raise the children in the way, which they should go.

What I find ironic today is how easily it is to compare pertinent dates with birthdays. According to my social media experience, I've got two birthdays I need to recognize today.
Ms. Deb is my Christian BFF's mother
Today is also Gilbert's wedding day. We grew up together.

Last but not least I want to thank who's ever idea it was to get married on Gilbert's birthday. Dude get's double whammy for taking care of his family all year long. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sloan!

In the meantime, I have both families on my permanent prayer list. So is Maryann Rodriguez for the loss of her father. My heart goes out to Vera and Kevin for their loss. 

In the midst of our loss I want to thank God for my parents and I want to thank all those whom are raising their children as single parents. 

So the plan was to launch at least a landing page today in honor of my parents, but it looks like this day is just about gone.

Mr. & Mrs. MyParents

Wow! It's already 12:01 AM. A new day. It's Monday so enjoy the rest of your week!

Thanks for your prayers. Smooches! Love you all!


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Sunday, May 27, 2018


This Tribute to a Woman of Great Price started Mother’s Day 2018.
There were several goals in mind; however, circumstances beyond
my control presented themselves. Since I’m plugged into
the power of prayer, I’ll fret not. Sure the enemy may have
slowed me down, but God’s word says, be anxious for nothing.
Initially, I rushed to get the job done, but I’m glad I simmered
down and took another look at the video editing, the blog post,
the images, the duration, the fun. Oh, the fun! I had fun
making this video. You mean to tell me, I actually get to tell a
story? Well, yeah! By all means, give me a sec. What can I say?
I’m from the, “City of Brotherly Love” we do cheesesteaks,
soft pretzels, water ice, and we absolutely, positively, “Love the Arts”:
Where I come from, we do Gelati’s, we do fresh baked soft pretzels,
seafood, and to some degree we even consider sports to be an art form.
Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

We won the Championship and the trophy is definitely a work of art.
So are the rings, the blings and things. Underdogs No More!

That’s right we are the 2018 World Champs! Our Eagles soar above
the competition. For sure, we do things differently, here in Philadelphia.
The best location in this city though, is the Lord’s House. Sometimes when
I’m in fellowship, I feel like dancing in the isles. I try to keep my cool,
but sometimes I cry tears of joy. I can’t help it.

Bet there are a lot of women out there who know what I’m talking about.

Christian Stronghold has helped me make it through some really
tough times. I’m single now, but when my marriage fell apart
(felt like boxing on some folk), not to mention what it was like sitting
in the pew without either of my parents.

Speaking of which, my mother, Sister Ella, Aunt Donie, all gone too soon.
We had a few scares with Sister Pat too, but these women who support
Great Men of God make ohhhhhhhhhhh -- so many sacrifices for others.

They share their families and open up their homes. Feed the homeless
and the bereaved. Clothe the poor. Provide drink to the thirsty.
All while they keep their husbands happy. Behind every good man is
a good woman! Please believe it! Please Believe It! PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!!

Thought about including my mother in this video. I’m sure she would
prefer I encourage the women whom are still serving and  living for
the Lord.

I remember listening to this song with her after we found out she was terminal.
Didn’t particularly appreciate it when I found out I would have to live the duration
of my life without her. Just wish I could tell her how she was right about so
many things!

Her response on the other hand, when we found out about her terminal
illness, was not typical. I cried and held her. I wondered why He (God)
couldn’t take someone else instead of my mother. I even mentioned  
one specific person and my mother said,
“What does He want with ____such-n-such___ ? She is not ready to
go be with the Lord.” My reply, “WELL I DON'T WANNA LET YOU GO!”
Her response, “You are the one who has to stay here.
I am going to be with the Lord and I will see you when you get there.”
Who can argue with that?
It took three almost four days to edit the “Tribute to A Woman of Great Price” video.
When I consider editing a tribute to my mother...  well, let’s just say there will be
plenty of tears and tissues. Maybe someday, but I’m not looking
forward to all of that crying.
I still miss her soooooooooo. She was the rock that held many generations together.
Although life is different without her, with God’s grace I will persevere. All is well.
I just have to take a moment to Praise and thank the Lord for my Mother.
Then there was Aunt Donie, her beautiful given name was Sedonia, but she was
our Great Aunt. This woman’s career was blessed with decades of service in the
medical industry. She worked diligently at the hospital ; however, she was at her
finest, while she worked faithfully dressed in her uniform serving as an usher
at Christian Stronghold. These are committed and driven for the Lord, truly,
Women of Great Price.
Aunt Donie never missed a birthday, holiday, Ice Capades, Drill Shows.
Her road trips and gifts were so thoughtful. Always the coolest! She had
two sons we spent lots of time with. They were more like big brothers to me.
My cousins Aaron & Alex. Their impact on my life is coming to fruition.
Aaron is the artist who majored in journalism and photography, but he
had an eye that could draw an exact replica, right there where you stand.

Although Aaron taught me how to sketch and play Roxanne on the
guitar, I want him to check out my new back to school outfit. Way Cool, huh?  
God willing, I shall floss it on my first day back to class, with all the feminine
accessories and dainty trimmings.

Alex, Aaron’s brother, on the other hand is the mathematician who majored
in Financing. Alex and his wife, Maxine, who is also a Woman of Great Price,
wound up serving the Lord in the real estate industry. It’s obvious why I
mentioned Aunt Donie, but I miss my cousins (Aaron, Alex and Maxine).
I want to thank all of them for having my back and teaching me the
importance of education. Aunt Donie and her family helped mold
me into a business tech savvy woman with lots of creative perks to share.
Because of Aunt Donie and her families influence, when I go back to
college this time, I’m taking all the fun classes:
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Digital Video Production
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Art History
  • Dance
I spoke to Alex most recently. He helped me get a new revelation.
It went something like this… “Buffy, you are not going to go to hell if you
don’t do what they want you to do.” Wow! I needed that.

Sometimes as Christian women we go above and beyond the call of duty.
We trust our Savior. Our enemies try to manipulate our walk with the Lord,
and abuse our kindness. The One & Only True & Living
won’t let them touch our heal however.
I’m writing to encourage every woman who is generous, poised and
classy enough to speak up for the destitute, manage her household,
raise her children, and keep her husband happy as he sheppard’s a
huge flock, with thousands of members.

Like I said,


I know, I wasn’t always easy to sheppard. Turned it up, a bit much
in my early twenties. One day my mother came home from Bible Study
and she said to me, “Sister Ella said you can come stay with her and
Reverend Bluford for a while. Take some time and think about it and
get back to me.”

Sister Ella was sweet as pie. Sister Ella was such a lovely down to
earth blessing and chilling at their palace would’ve been sheer royalty
treatment. I know she loved me dearly and I would've been welcomed.
What I didn’t like was the fact that my mother would tell all my business
to her prayer partners in Bible Study.

Back then I didn’t particularly appreciate my mother putting me on blast like that...

BUT! I’m all grown up now and I’m so grateful they prayed for me!
I’m so glad my mother, Sister Pat, Sister Ella, and the
“Women of Great Price”  prayed for me. The prayers of the
righteous availeth much! I got stuff to do...

My plans are to launch my new website, adopt shortly after remodeling
my house, travel, help Patty Girl get her house back, and go back to
college. I want for NOTHING. Praise the Lord! I’M BLESSED!

So I've been blessed to know four Women of Great Price:
  1. My Mother
  2. Aunt Donie
  3. Sister Ella
All of which were under the tutelage of Sister Pat’s ministries.
She’s doing a real bang up job of holding her mansion down with
throne attitude, while helping the less fortunate enter God’s rest.
Your commitment and faithfulness...

In the infamous words of my Great Grandmother,
“Bless your heart!”

That’s what the kids call, “Real rap.” Sister Pat.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Then we’ve got Sister Renee, and the
wives of many other Pastor’s serving the Lord.
Thanks ladies!

Pastor Bell taught an awesome Bible Study series
on Parables. If you’ve ever read the Bible, you would
undoubtedly notice the way God talks.
It’s extraordinary!

Any person that says,

Has my full undivided attention!

I mean when you listen to some of the things God says in His Word,
you just know, He has to be who He said He is.

That’s awesome! He can tell the story of life in any language, backwards.
Now that’s saying something!

Patti Girl used to live on  Westminster Avenue. Not sure why she lost
her estate, but, I can help her find a home. We help others in
Philadelphia. Women of Great Price, that’s what we do!

Thanks Sister Pat. A tribute to encourage and bless...
Got my birthday card via snail mail from Pastor yesterday. I love yall!
Hugs, smooches, be encouraged and may God Continue
to bless you and your ministries…